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Reading Resolutions 2024

Have you resolved to reading more in 2024? It can be hard to stick to a resolution however reading resolutions are a nice way of getting off of your phone, learning something different, and making new friends.

If you’re like me and not one for reading goals, (I know they can push you to read more books - but honestly there’s enough pressure in this modern life, why make something as lovely as reading a part of that) then read on to see some other ways you could try out a reading resolution.

Start slow

Reading for pleasure is wonderful but many of us didn’t quite grasp it whilst at school - the pressure of exams and reading purely for the curriculum left little time for reading literature we might actually enjoy! Take your time and explore different genres until you find one that you might like to stick with for a bit.

Give up

On that note if you’re a stalwart for sticking with a book to the bitter end, even if you hate it, why not just give up. Put it down and pick it up again in a few months time - maybe you’ll be better suited to it in the future and if not don’t feel bad about giving up on a book - someone else will enjoy it.

Set yourself a daily target

Just one page a day will help you form a regular habit of reading. That page might lead on to 2, 3, then a chapter and before you know it it’s way past your bedtime!

Meet new authors this year

Try reading an author you haven’t heard of before, or perhaps one you had dismissed because you thought they were’t your style. Try a translation or 2 - reading authors from other cultures is a wonderful way of travelling from the comfort of your reading nook. There are so many authors in the world (past and present) a whole year of reading new authors sounds quite lovely!

Expand your knowledge on a subject

Of course there are books on practically every subject imaginable so if you’re passionate about something find the experts, find their books and learn all about it. We can pre-order a book for you if you can’t find it elsewhere. Scare yourself and read about AI. Learn about the intelligence of birds and befriend a crow. Discover what we weren’t taught at school about our menstrual cycles. There’s so much to learn!

Join a book club

They’re fun, sociable and other book worms will be there! Clemo Club is our subscription book club, subscribe now and you’ll receive a book in the post along with a note telling you where to meet at the end of the month. How romantic…

Get outside and explore local bookshops

There are hundreds of indie bookshops across the UK - get out there and explore them! The books inside them are curated by real people, actual booksellers, not Bezos’ algorithms. You might discover classics you’ve always wanted to read, get recommended a whole new genre to become obsessed with or stumble upon a book that didn’t make any bestseller lists yet still finds a place in your heart. Who knows you may even bump into an old friend or make some new ones too!

We hope you like these ideas. Head over to our social and let us know your reading resolutions or unrealistic goals (I’m proud of you for committing to read your TBR before buying any new books if that’s you.)

Happy reading, Jaimie x

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