Clemo Books is an independent bookshop popping up around Newquay, Cornwall. We are curating books and creating community.

With no bookshop or place to stumble upon new titles in our seaside town we thought we’d create one. Offering readers the chance to transport themselves with translation texts, taste new flavours with contemporary cookbooks or learn something new with the latest non-fiction releases. Little ones can also find a selection of books, inspired by the environment and the wildlife that surrounds them.


Want to know more about your local bookseller? 


Jaimie loves a good book but she has been known to fold down pages, annotate margins and even, god forbid, break spines. After studying the publishing industry in Oxford she returned to her hometown of Newquay where she sorely missed the presence of an indie bookshop and the chance to buy books in real life. WHSmith’s bestseller chart just doesn’t cut it after living so close to Blackwells. 


Now you can find Jaimie lugging books from farmer’s markets to cafes, recommending your next read and making friends as she goes. Find out where Clemo Books is popping up next and meet Newquay’s local bookseller.