Clemo Club

Would you like to join our bookclub? Reading can be a very solitary pursuit but we believe it can bring people together.


Subscribe to Clemo Club and you will receive a book in the post at the start of each month, along with a location of when and where we’ll meet at the end of the month to discuss the title. In the winter we’ll gather in cosy pub corners and the summertime might see us atop the headland around the Huers Hut.


We’ll read books by authors from across the world, translation texts, short story collections, essay collections, fiction and non-fiction. 


We want everyone to be able to join Clemo Club so there is no obligation to buy through Clemo Books. If you’d like to use the local library that’s very good, but please don’t buy the book from Amazon. Pop me a message if this is the case and I’ll let you know where we’re planning to meet up at the end of the month.


For people who would like to join but can’t make the meetings we will collate our thoughts and send them to you as part of the Clemo Books monthly e-news, sign up at the bottom of the page.


Subscribe to Clemo Club today and you’ll receive your first book at the start of the next month. Subscribe now.

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