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Reading resolutions 2023

Reading goals are good for some people but for this bookseller it just doesn’t work. We have enough numerical targets imposed upon us, we shouldn’t let reading be one of them.

Whilst reading goals can keep you on track with regular reading let us not be disheartened when life gets in the way. Instead of reading goals here are some reading resolutions you could try in 2023:

Weave reading into your morning routine

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier, turn on your bedside lamp and start the day with a cuppa and a chapter. Many people find the solace of early morning a good time to read and that quiet time can help calm your mind ahead of whatever the day might bring.

Join a book club

They’re fun, sociable and other book worms will be there! Clemo Club is our subscription book club, subscribe now and you’ll receive a book in the post along with a note telling you where to meet at the end of the month. How romantic…

Keep a reading diary

Make like the greatest writers and keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings whilst reading. It can be a nice exercise to reflect on past books and help recollection when recommending to a fellow reader. Plus it’s a good excuse to buy another note book.

Read one page a day

Just one page a day will help you form a regular habit of reading. That page might lead on to 2, 3, then a chapter and before you know it it’s way past your bedtime!

Expand your genres

I can’t recommend this resolution enough. There is a whole world of authors out there! Read translation texts where the translator is as much an artist as the author. Read poetry and witness words in beautiful patterns unseen in prose. Read short story collections and enter worlds, feel emotions and sense hope for a whole host of characters.

Don’t buy books from Bezos

Supporting local booksellers is a wonderful resolution, but Clemo Books would say that! We’ll recommend books for loved ones, natter about Atwood with you and personally drop books to your door. P.s. this bookseller pays her taxes too.

Do you have any reading resolutions? Head over to our social media and share them with us, we love to chat books and unrealistic reading goals!

Happy reading,


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