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Pop up and storytelling with Maia Walczak

We’re hosting a free children’s storytelling event with local artist, author and multi award winning children’s book illustrator Maia Walczak at Newquay Orchard on Sunday 12 December!

Our pop up bookshop is on the road again and this time will be inside Canteen at the Orchard from 10am until 2pm. Maia Walczak’s storytelling will begin at 11am. She’ll be reading 3 of her beautiful children’s books that take inspiration from our compassion and connection to nature, one another and our wildlife.

Maia is excited to share her stories in a setting like Newquay Orchard where visitors can also see her art hanging on the walls inside Canteen at the Orchard. Maia said: “Whilst many of my children's picture books are silent books (tales without words, where the story is told solely through the illustrations) the books I'll be reading on the day are the three worded ones I've so

far created over the past ten years.”

“Though my work has changed a lot over the years, one common thread that seems to tie these books and all my work together is a great love of nature, so I'm really looking forward to sharing these stories at the wonderful Newquay Orchard!” Maia added.

We’re very excited to host an event like this. We stock children’s storybooks that are inspired by nature as its important little ones are in touch with the world around us and the beauty that it holds. Giving children the opportunity to listen to a local author read aloud at a place like Newquay Orchard is very special indeed!

People visiting the orchard can pick up a book from us, a children’s title written by Maia and maybe even a Canteen at the Orchard brownie - we highly recommend them!

Not been to Newquay Orchard or Canteen before? Follow this on maps and find us inside the community building. Yeoman Way, Tretherras, Newquay, TR7 2SL

Happy reading,


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