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Conjuring Clemo Books

Some may call it hocus pocus, however, I believe manifestation works.

Manifestation is a tool based on the law of attraction where an individual visualises something they wish to happen, achieve or create. I thought I’d share my visualisation for Clemo Books high street shop with you all.

Curating books and creating community has been Clemo Books slogan from day one. When we’ve found a retail space think books, coffee, wine, storytelling, and author events. It’s all very exciting!

Located in central Newquay (with a kind landlord who doesn’t charge exorbitant rent) Clemo Books will have blue window frames, hanging baskets filled with lavender for the bees and an a-frame sign outside with upcoming events.

The window display will change each month; always filled to the brim with books and creativity, inspired by the seasons, new releases and international celebrations like pride month.

Inside Clemo Books we will have a fiction section filled with new releases and indie magazines you’d never find on Amazon and non-fiction books like travel, cooking, nature and self-help to help you discover new things.

A beautiful children’s literature section will be stocked full of new, classic and contemporary children’s books to help them see the world in new ways - lots of comfy seating and opportunities for play too.

We’ll continue to champion Cornish literature as Clemo Books always has done with a big section on the topic of Cornwall and its authors. Kernow Bys Vyken!

A jam packed events line up will make sure there is never a dull month. Author Q&A’s, children’s storytelling sessions, a place for Clemo Club to meet and maybe even some bookshop lock ins with music and drinks will be on the agenda.

A cafe would complete the Clemo Books dream serving up hot drinks and pastries in the morning and wine and snacks come late afternoon. A place to relax, people watch and read your new book - it’s like a form of therapy.

Thanks for reading my ideas and I hope you can visualise them too! Again if you know of a space on Newquay’s high street that is empty, anyone with a lease coming to an end or any other information that might help this plan become a reality get in touch

Happy reading x

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